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Nuts are energy-dense foods and rich in unsaturated fats and few micronutrients. It can be pretty handy to complete your dietary fat intake of the day

Here is a list of nuts with their quantities to get 100 kcal in case you want to fit it in your diet Coconut -- Hazelnut --Walnuts -- Pistachionut - 16 gms for 100 kcal Cashewnut -- Almonds -- Peanuts -18 gms for 100 kcal As you can see, the quantities are pretty less to complete 100 kcal for all the nuts that is why they are considered high-calorie food and would not be a great choice for "munching " in-between meals, that will only shoot up your calorie intake for that day. But if you are measuring and then adding them in your diet then it's absolutely fine. Take care, Stay Safe

Rekha Jaiswal

Hey against what we can replace nuts?

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