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Have you ever thought why your plans aren't working ??

Yes, it's just because you are not finding a way. Often I have seen many clients not following the proper plans just because they have been associating healthy quantified nutrition with tasteless, complicated, time-consuming and boring food. But let me tell you if you find an alternative for these obstacles you will surely make it happen. 1. HUNGER LEVELS. What's the cause for your hunger levels to rise? It's just because you are creating a huge calorie deficit and simply starving yourself. Solution - Create a slight deficit of around 300-500 calories than your TDEE and keep tracking your progress. 2. NEGATIVE MINDSET. If you have made up your mind that you are just going to do a so-called ' strict dieting ' it's never going to work. Solution - Just change your mindset saying you are following a proper healthy quantified nutrition which is going to help you to change your lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals. 3. TASTE. Who said that you cannot make tasty diet recipes ?? I have seen many people who just think diet is all about eating boiled stuff. Yukss! You can eat it once, twice, thrice but not always. Solution - Add spices and seasonings according to your own comfort. If you want to add different dressings to your meals, simply track them and adjust in your macros. There's no need to eat boiled, prepare as per your own taste which will help you to sustain your plans for a longer run. You can check some amazing recipes on 'Fittr' app. Go to Fittr app > social >recipes. 4. LACK OF VARIETY. This is one of the common obstacles which clients face. If you keep on eating the same stuff every day, definitely it is going to be monotonous for you and gradually you will lose all your interest in following your plans. Solution - Try to add variety to your plan, Example if your breakfast has oats ( you can replace it with poha, Semolina, quinoa, pasta, millets, bread, etc.) Just imagine, instead of eating poha for 7 days you can eat the combination of above-mentioned foods every two days or as per your preference. What else you need? So the bottom line is, Try to figure out the obstacles when it comes to your nutrition. Note it down, think about it and try to analyze the solutions smartly. So what are the nutrition obstacles you face in your daily routine ?? Let's discuss. 😋

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