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In the previous post about DELOAD, we talked about - What is a Deload and what are the different types of deload and it's benefits. ✅

In this post, we will discuss your nutrition and your cardio during this week and it’s quite simple... ------------- NUTRITION - 1️⃣ Eat more! Sounds silly doesn’t but think for one second. You’ve spent weeks in a calorie deficit which is never ideal for your body. Simply bring your eating up to a maintenance level (in line with your TDEE) and you’ll feel re-energized and ready to go the following week. 2️⃣ Eating at roughly maintenance calories will also provide your body with adequate energy and nutrients to fully recover. ------------- CARDIO - 1️⃣ For your cardio, you can still continue to perform whatever you've been doing or add a little bit of low-intensity cardio into the week. 2️⃣ However, you’ll want to avoid too much high-intensity cardio as the goal of this week is to reduce the stress placed on your body and central nervous system. 3️⃣ So if you’re going to do some, stick with light intensity activities such as walking and keep the more intense forms of cardio to a minimum. ------------- And that’s pretty much it! Although deload weeks can be boring and feel counter-productive in your pursuit of gains, but trust me it’s absolutely vital for your long term progression in the gym. They will be the key to consistently getting bigger and stronger overtime while minimizing injury. 💯 Questions?? Drop them down in the comments. #fittr #motivation #fittrcoach #quantifiednutrition #fitness #workout #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslifestyle #diet #nutrition #training #fitfam #fitnesscoaching #fitnesscoach #fit #gym #fatloss #transformation #instafit #consistency #strengthtraining
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