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You may be trying your very best in following your diet and workout routine but you may not be seeing or feeling the results you hoped for. Wondering what would be the reason ?

Let's look at some of the significant reasons that you have been ignoring so far. ✔️SLEEP The quality of your workout session is dependent on your previous night sleep. It's crucial to have a good quality sleep of about 7 hrs every night. Your exercises will not deliver the benefits if this is not taken care. Loss of sleep increases food cravings and affects your choice of food, thus making you deviate from your diet and workout. ✔️WATER Water is the most critical nutrient for health, growth and development. It is not only important nutrient in your body but also the most abundant. Dehydration can reduce your endurance, decrease strength, cause cramping, makes you fatigue and slow muscular response. Hydration is required to maintain healthy blood flow, proper kidney function, proper sodium/ potassium/ electrolyte balance, proper digestive function, better skin&hair, also aids in fatloss/weightloss. It is very important for your body to be well hydrated in order to perform your exercises with greater potential. Check your urine color, if it's pale yellow to clear you are well hydrated. ✔️STRESS Stress has serious effect on your body and can mess with your fitness goals. If you ever try to workout when you stressed, you will know how difficult and heavier it feels to complete your session. Stress will undo all of your efforts in gym and makes you lethargic and unable to perform at a high level. It affects your eating habits; either you will binge on your food or not eat your food at all. So, learn to manage your stress to reap the benefits of your diet and training. ✔️STRENGTH TRAINING Do not focus only on cardio for weightloss/fatloss. By doing so, you will not be preserving your muscle mass which is responsible for accelerating your metabolism and helping in reducing your body fat. Incorporating strength training into your workout regime is a very important and smart way to have a sustainable & healthy fatloss that can be maintained well. ✔️RECOVERY / REST Your rest days are equally important as your workout days, it is the part of your workout program. You must aim to get good amount of rest to repair, strengthen and rebuild your muscles stronger than before which increases your performance in your next training session. ✔️CONSISTENCY & PATIENCE It's the consistency with exercise and diet that gives you great results. No matter what you do, you will see the results you hoped for only when you work at it day in and day out for months. You may have best exercise program in the world but if you do not stick to it consistently, you will not reach your goal. It's the same case with your diet. So, be patient and work consistently to reach and maintain your goal.

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