Non-Scale Victories! (- that are as important as the number on the scale)

Sheenam Gandhi

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Fat Loss
Why Non-Scale Victories are important!

No, I’m not going to tell you to stop checking your weight. Sure, It is “one” of the factors to measure progress and it keeps us in check, warns us & helps us. But its not everything that matters!! Try focusing on non-scale victories and you will see how freeing it is and how much more you will enjoy the process to get to your goal! . Mental - While mental benefits are not as apparent, noticing your mood improving, your focus improving at work, etc are all signs that when you nourish your body, your mind feels the effects. But when you starve to achieve a certain weight on the scale, you are tired, lethargic and are constantly cranky! Which would you rather have? . Physical - If you lift weights like me, you’ll know the rush of lifting heavier than you did last week, hitting those PRs on squats and deadlifts. The feeling is like no other. The feeling of being stronger outweighs the number on the scale. When you don’t eat enough, it will affect your performance. Which would you rather have? . Health - As someone who works with women with PCOS, irregular cycles, hormonal imbalances, I see how frustrating it is when they try their hardest to get healthier. For a lot of them, it’s not about the number on the scale. It is about not having to deal with painful periods, not having to deal with thyroid, etc. Health is greater than fitness. Improving your digestion and sleep cycles can greatly affect your overall health. Which you rather have? . Mindset - Progress in your mindset can spill over to other aspects. If you obsess about food, feel guilt over food, it is going to affect your mental health. Improving your relationship with food and learning about food freedom will actually make this a lot more sustainable for you. Would you rather obsess about food all day or enjoy without restriction to the most basic things? Which would you rather have? . When you start paying attention to non scale victories, you are more likely to be motivated in the long term. Don’t let a number on a gadget define you or your worth. It’s fine to want to lose weight, just know your true why. Why is a specific number going to make you happy? And will it really make you happy? Will it ever be enough? Think about it!
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