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Often I have seen many working people ignoring their health just because they don't get time to cook their meals. Like really ? I have a hectic schedule, I work for 10 hours a day, I have to look after my kids and the list goes on. Never mind, I totally agree and respect your schedule. So what's the solution? Are you not going to start your fitness journey ever until you quit your job? Here's the thing, This is for all those who have no time for cooking their food yet want to lose fat and manage a healthy lifestyle. As we all know the most important factor for your fat loss is a calorie deficit quantified nutrition and weight training. So let's understand how you can prepare your diet smartly within seconds with these food items. The list consists of • Bread • Cheese slices/cubes • Whey proteins • Protein bars • Almonds/walnuts/mixed nuts • Curd or yogurt • Fruits + green veggies • Milk • Peanut butter • You can use any other food as per your convenience. (Note: Food choice may vary as per your convenience, just don't forget to track what you using.) It's true that you get fewer choices and variety because of the restrictions for cooking, but you need to compromise somewhere if you really wish to achieve your goals. But trust me this will definitely save your precious time and take you forward towards your goals. If this is getting too monotonous for you, you can also try cooking one meal (maybe lunch or dinner) and manage the remaining meals with ready food items. Even this will save your maximum time and effort. Also, don't forget to lift weights and do track your progress on a weekly basis. So the bottom line is, It's just a matter of priorities, If you really want it you will definitely find a way and if not, you will find an excuse. For all you folks, I have attached a sample 1500 calories nutrition plan with some readily available food items. Just scroll left to see the sample plan. Note: (Just don't follow the plan randomly, this is just a sample diet plan to help you understand that how you can customize your nutrition according to your schedule. You can manage the caloric intake as per your goals and needs.) Keep hustling 💪

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