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no sugar while losing

Why no sugar while losing weight?

============================= The main principle of losing weight is calorie deficit and when are you in a calorie deficit, you are already cutting some calories that mean less food. When there is less food in your diet, the priority should be to eat food that is high in satiety and give you nutritional value also. When it comes to sugar, it does not directly make you lose or gain weight but it does not give you any satiety or nutrition also and that's why they called empty calories. One more thing about sugar or sugary food is that even if you take them in small quantity and fit that in your diet, you will crave for more and there are chances of overeating . Bottomline - Better to avoid sugar while losing weight , if you binge on sugary food then tweak your habits and environment to avoid those foods

Ratish Shetty

if we are on calorie deficit and had some jaggery but the overall calorie intake still remained in deficit, does this jaggery cause any bad effect on the body, especially vascularity?

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