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No Meal Prep, No Worries

Just because you don’t meal prep or didn’t get the chance to meal prep for that week doesn’t mean you can’t diet or eat at maintenance.

1. The standard message, build your meals around protein. Map out your protein sources and work around it, eat the protein first, and then the rest of your meal. 2. Food items like oats, muesli, bread, cheese slices, and eggs are easy to procure, and almost no food preparation is needed. Not just that, it is easy to count the calories of these food items also. 3. Have your greens, ask for more salad that will not only give you vitamins and minerals but at the same time fill you up 4. Try only not eating until you get home. Perhaps eat a larger than usual breakfast when you leave the house. Prioritize water intake when you decided to fast. Black coffee/ green tea can be the savior when you decide to fast during the day 5.An easy way to save 200-400 calories. Swap regular coke/mocktails or any other drink with regular water or lemonade(lime water salted). 6. Ask for a double serving of protein when eating out at places of subway/pita-pits; otherwise, stick to grilled tofu/chicken/fish to save up calories and to have more protein. In this world of comfort and excuses, people LOVE to blame anything and everything on why THEY are failing. The options are endless, and failing to meal prep isn’t enough to break your diet.

Utsav Agrawal

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