Utsav Agrawal

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No food in isolation can help you lose/gain weight !!

No food in isolation can help you lose/gain weight !!

==================================== People often tend to associate results /progress with the particular food items/ products but in reality, they get results because your overall diet is taken care of. For example - some people think they are not losing weight because they are having more carbs in the diet or having rice in the diet whereas the reality is they are overeating (eating more calories than the body is burning ), keep a track of whatever you eat rather than just incorporation some "Magic Product " that claims to make you lose weight. So if next time someone claims that this xyz product /food item can make you lose weight, remember it just a gimmick. Remember -QUANTITY OF THE OVERALL FOOD INTAKE IS WHAT MATTERS THE MOST !!

Yami Kalyani

Really very helpful. No to fad diets... Yes to healthy eating

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