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Night shift: Some tips which may help you sustain the stress

I am working in the IT company and in my last company I do had a rotational shift for 15 days and then 15 days normal shift. Also there is one client of mine who works in night shift. While working with her I realised that even if we make simpler changes in the regimen it becomes manageable and comfortable.

While discussing the details with her and what experience I had below are some of the observations I had, this may not be the case with everyone but those are observations I had: * Whenever your routine switches you will feel some issues switching the routine. Your stomach will be upset. Hunger pangs tend to adjust as per your food timing, so when you change timings it will led you unwanted hunger pangs on time which you don't require them to be. * In initial days your sleep cycle will be disturbed and you feel issues sleeping in morning. * Probable weight gain in initial weight due to this shift and additional stress of night shift on the body. * Probable issues with stomach can be there when your routine changes Now here is something you need to consider to make your life easier: * For the first week make sure you don't have anything heavy to eat as you may not be having much of the hunger. Try adding items which you can eat easily. * In night may be 3-4 AM & 6 AM you might get severe hunger pangs so you can chose something like almonds or banana or something easy to eat that time. * For workout the best what my client is doing and I am liking is that she use to do workout once she reach home in morning and then she go to bed as per her its very difficult to get up and then go to the gym so she finish it before going to bed. This can be a personal preference but even I liked this way when I was doing shifts. * Room should be dark and mobile thrown out of room. You don't want LOAN EXECUTIVE disturbing sleep. 😁😁😁 * Prep food if you can beforehand. * Once you get use to of night shift all you have to do is to consider your day as NIGHT and your night as day. In that way whatever you are eating in normal routine, FLIP it to night. * Try manipulating the diet in such a way that you adjust the food which is easily digestible and easy on stomach. Personally I found that if I ate food which I used to eat on normal times I feel more stuffed up in night. So food easy on stomach is good to go. * Include the food items which you need minimum cooking time. Something like oats, banana, almonds which did not require much effort to be the ready to eat will be a lot of help. How? hunger pangs can be very bad sometimes in night and these food items can be a great rescue. * Identify the triggers which may cause gastric issues. If some food item cause the issues. As per my client in her own words "if i have banana in empty stomach i get acidity but if have the same at 3am i m fine cause thats like my evening.. so adjustments basis ur body reactions" * Intermittent fasting can be a great tool which we can use while night shift. So you have sleep of 8 hours, then 8 more hours will be like this: Say you are sleeping at 6 AM so 16 hours will be 10 PM. This way you can have all night to finish the diet and its easier to adhere as well. So you see it all boils down to the some adjustments. Listen to your body, understand the signals it is giving and adjust accordingly. This article is purely based on the adjustment I did in my diet and what I found similarities in my client preference as well. So this is the experience of me and my client. It can be different for person to person. All it matters to make adjustment as per your likings and lifestyle.

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