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New Year Resolution

*New Year Resolution*

So you've your eyes set on the new year dreams and goals that you're gonna start from 2nd Jan onwards (Coz 1st Jan will be a party day right?). If there's anything that's as true as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, it's this - New year resolutions fail 99% of the time! The culprit may not necessarily be your inability to put in efforts or dedication in the process - more often than not, it's the mindset that we start the process with. We treat it like a Sprint, a 100 m race. Any goal you want to achieve - there's only one way to make sure you achieve it, you have to embody it as a part of you, not like a task that needs to be finished, but like an ongoing habit, a lifestyle, akin to brushing your teeth in the morning. Once you make that a habit, nothing is impossible to achieve. But that's exactly where we make the biggest mistake. We treat it as a task, and postpone it to the "after party". What happens then? One of 2 things - you keep postponing it, to the next New Year, or you start it but then give up soon. This year, start the process BEFORE the New Year dopamine and adrenalin kicks in, and make sure that your New Year celebrations don't screw up your efforts towards your goals. Your goal needs consistent efforts ; Start that consistency before this year passes, and take it with you to the upcoming new year. And remember, your body or your mind doesn't understand the difference between 31st December and 2nd January. It gives you back what you give it. Celebrate your 31st accordingly. You let too loose on your efforts, your body/mind will let loose on the results. Be mindful of your actions. Happy New Year! Wish you the best of your efforts to achieve the best of your results! #fittrwithsquats #FitnessCoach #NewYearResolution

Swati Mishra

happy new year..🎂😊

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