Shashank Lalwani

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New Year, New Beginnings, Resolutions Planning

Often we are disappointed with most of our New Year “resolutions”, when in school/College or early professional life, and those are not fulfilled.

“I will score x GPA this year”; “I will learn to play a Guitar”; “I will be top performer in my team” “I will do all the certifications” “I will bring six / eight pack abs” “I will bring single digit body fat%” - and the list is endless. The reason of dissapointment is being entirely an output oriented. We focus on the end result, and when we would feel pressurized and not see the end result happening - we would give up. It is actually very difficult to achieve a big annual goal, and many of the things can go wrong which ultimately will distract us from the path. Our beautiful mind is actually a funny thing, and that also allows us to take it to our advantage, which 90% of the time we do. Ok Bro !! What’s the Resolution? This year, Instead of being output oriented, Let’s become input oriented. Instead of being focused on big goals (X GPA )Let’s focus on smaller chunks (Study two hours everyday). “I will workout for 1 hour everyday” instead of I will bring 8 pack abs . “I will learn playing the guitar twice a week” instead of i will be playing guitar for a band by end of the year. “I will write one page everyday “ instead of I will publish the book after six months. When we break down those resolutions into smaller chunks , the change is dramatic. We will notice that we are aligned to a bigger goal and improvising day by day . Loads of Gyan , but how should we do it ? Here it is: 1. Figure out your areas of improvement 2. Now Figure out what the end outcome would be and then convert it to actions that you can do regularly (daily or weekly basis) That’s where JC has brought the skills along with transformation challenge. We all have right to improvise ourselves , Remember in this world no one goes to flashback and see who were the top 10 performers in 2010 batch of your school, but how did you make difference in others lives . How better the person you were when you were alive , A person with fit body and mind will always be a better person , Let’s bring this into action and change the perception of everyone. You are an better person and that’s the reason you are part of this helpful community. Gratitude to you for all your support and help, the hours, the days, the months and the years you have been with us supporting in every thick and thin . Cheers to all the new beginnings, Cheers to you and All the best for Transformation Challenge 9.0 .

Mubeen Ahmed kazi

Lets do it. One step at a time 💪🏽👍

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