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As a woman your life passes through many phases and most important among them is when you bring in a new life into this world. From the moment you get to know about pregnancy to the time when you have your bundle of joy into your arms, every decision revolves around that little life. You pay more attention to everything because you want best for your baby without any compromise over it. The nine months you are pregnant are most crucial for you and fetus who is wholly dependent and highly impacted by your choices. Therefore, it becomes your utmost responsibility to be more mindful about your food and exercise choices. The choices a pregnant woman makes about what to eat, when to eat or how much to eat not only provide essential nutrients to baby, also helps to reduce stress and weight gain not only for those nine months but postpartum too. Not only during pregnancy or postpartum but later also your food choices will always directly influence your, and baby’s health and well being. The seeds of healthy and active lifestyle sowed today will help you and your family, reap fruits of good health in future.

What you can do is to get hold on your daily eating and physical activities, how? The answer to this question is not new, you all must be aware of this, but never practiced. Yes, I am referring to the practice of MINDFULL EATING. Mindfulness has been variously explained, according to Jon Kabat-Zinn, “the awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally”, that means mindful eating revolves around, enjoying the experience and the process of eating without plunging into guilt or judging oneself later. Mindful eating is purposeful, eating not only because you are hungry or experiencing cravings or need comfort or simply it’s the time to eat, does not hold sense under this practice. Benefits of practicing mindful eating during and after pregnancy like: · Awareness of hunger and satiety cues. · Improves food relationship for many. · Helps to enjoy the ‘eating’ process. · Helps to portion control. · Improves hormones. · Helps to control weight. · Helps to overcome habit of eating because of stress, boredom or emotional turmoil. · Helps to build mental control over eating what, when and how much. Not only for you but there are benefits for the one growing inside you like: · Healthier birth weight, in long run translate to healthy being without health issues. · Healthier relationship with food, directs to less emotional eating habits. · Better ability to handle and control stress, signifies that in longer run less issues like anxiety, depression, anger or impulsive outbursts. Moreover, you are eating for two while pregnant, formula doesn’t hold sense if you are eating everything which comes into your sight. What is scientifically suggested is: · 300- 500 calories increase in your maintenance calories are good enough. · 25- 35 pounds of weight gain is considered healthy. · Eat only when you are hungry, not because you are pregnant. · Stay hydrated. · Eat well balanced, healthy, nutrient rich diet for self and baby. · Mindful eating will teach you basics of nutrition and will lay a healthy start for you and new comer. So next time whenever you reach out to fridge or almirah for food think twice – Are you really hungry? There is no harm in eating cakes, cookies or sweets or to give in to your cravings now and then while pregnant but becoming more aware and conscious of your cravings is what lies at the heart of mindful eating. Try to be focused and conscious of your actions and habits, it will help you to live a fit and healthy life. As a testimonial to the practice of mindful eating I will highly recommend this. Attaching few pics and will let you decide what will be your approach in this beautiful journey of being MOTHER. So, ladies’ choice is yours, it’s always you vs you and you are more stronger than you think. Stay fit, stay healthy. Pic 1: 6 months postpartum picture of my WIFE without mindful and healthy eating. Pics 2: 5 months postpartum picture of my WIFE with mindful and healthy eating. Both kids were born by C -Section, healthy with approx. of same weight. Part1, Part2, Part3, Part 4 and Part 5:…/squa…/permalink/2544803408912289/…/squa…/permalink/2543237032402260/…/squa…/permalink/2602830243109605/ References for part 6:
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