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I hope all of you must have read my previous posts regarding this topic. This article will be a step forward where I will be discussing how you can incorporate your kids into your daily exercise regimen. All of us as parents feel that we can’t manage time for structured exercise as we feel exhausted and drained while taking care of a new born, chasing toddlers, doing endless driving and other jobs for school age kids, for many a day can end without any exercise in sight. Additionally, we always feel guilty taking time away from the kids to do a structured workout, especially mothers.

As we all know new mom is always in dire need of ‘me’ time, therefore for her it seems next to impossible to get time to exercise. What you can do depending upon age of your baby, indulge in exercises where you can use your baby as resistance or if baby is big enough than plan some exercises with baby. The first involves holding your baby safely and performing exercises. You can include exercises like * Stroller Jog: Take advantage of your napping baby and go for a jog with stroller. It’s the first exercise which is recommended by doctors for new moms. The larger wheels of kid’s stroller offer less resistance and makes it easy to push as a result you feel less pressure on your shoulders and wrists. This has an additional benefit, while you get some cardio your kid gets some fresh air and new images to process. At a stretch you can start with 20 minutes of stroller walking and increase it to 45 minutes of fast walking. * Squats & Lunges: hold your baby tight and safe while squatting or you can even perform chair squats. • Planks: keep your baby under you and try to hold as much you can • Bridges: keep your baby side-wise while performing the bridges. One has struggle to find time to exercise because it never happens if left up to chance. As I have already discussed in my previous write ups about benefits of physical activity for new moms like: • Working out gives you more energy • Helps you lose weight • Improves your circulation and your mood • Tones your muscles and makes you healthier. You owe it to yourself and your family to stay as healthy as you can. Even 10-minute increment in your exercise timing makes a big difference and getting your kids and partner into the act makes it much easier. If your kid is grown up than you can plan outdoor sports/hikes/games/ workouts with him/her. You can play any sport of his/her choice and make your kid perform some of your favorite exercises. This will not only help you, but it will influence your kids to be health conscious in future indirectly you will be paving the way for fitter generation. You can also keep some tools at home to exercise when you can’t make it to the gym. With some thrifty shopping you can find some resistance bands and dumbbells or anything else your heart desires to create a space for exercise and living fit. • Try to convert your screen time into exercise time. These days most of us are surrounded by screens be it television, mobile phones, laptops or tablets and they have become integral part of our daily routine. Try to reduce screen time and add that time to your exercise schedule. I know it sounds difficult but believe you can do this. Try to make small changes in your routine, mix one or two approaches and try to schedule a workout timing. Even little things can bring in a big change. Try to avoid elevator, park far from your home/ office, this extra walking also counts when you are trying to figure out things for staying fit. And remember this: if you work in just a 20-minute workout each day, by month's end you will have exercised over 600 minutes! Part1 and Part2:
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