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New Mommies, It's Time To Exercise! 🤸‍♀️

Exercise Science
Giving birth to a new life is happiness beyond words. Motherhood isn’t easy, starting from feeding the little one to changing the nappies is just a never ending job!

With all of these responsibilities the new mothers have the inner desire to get back to there prenatal body shape and size. The constant worry of increased pregnancy weight and to gain strength can be managed through exercises. Post Natal Exercises is one of the best thing a mother of a newborn can do for herself. Answers to the following questions will help you start a kickass exercise routine. 1. What are the benefits of postpartum exercises after all the physical, mental and emotional challenges of 9 months? * Helps in weight loss when combined with a small reduction in calorie intake. * Helps in gaining strength * Improve cardiorespiratory functions * Reduce the symptoms related to postpartum blues such as depression. * Elevates mood 2. Will exercising affect my lactation? * Moderate exercise does no harm to the milk volume or content. * Try and feed the baby before you exercise and if thats nor possible workout and take a good shower and then feed the baby after 30 mins. 3. When can I start exercising after pregnancy? * As per ACOG guidelines, if you had a normal vaginal delivery, then you can exercise as soon as the baby is born. * If had a C-section or have any other complication, as your gynaecologist or obstetric physiotherapist about the safe time to start with exercises. 4. How much exercise is safe? * 150mins/week of moderate intensity aerobic is the recommended target to start with. It can be 30mins of exercise for 5 days, such as 10 mins of walk post every meal. * Strengthening exercises targeting larger muscle groups such as legs, arms and back. In addition to aerobic exercises 2 days of strength training is beneficial. * Special exercises targeting the pelvic floor and abdominal strengthening should be learnt by a physiotherapist and done on a daily basis. *Start with low impact exercises at least for 12 weeks postpartum using resistance band, light dumbbells and later can increase the intensity gradually. If you have any other questions related to the topic feel free to reach me out in the comment section. Will be happy to help! #daactarni

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can I find simple exercises in FITTER before taking any plan.

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