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NEW ISSUE: January 2019 – Transformations Special

On the cover: Sumit Rana, the winner of the first-ever Transformation Wars.

One of the things that make us human is the importance we ascribe to a “story”. A story is what our life is all about. We live basking in someone else’s story, weaving our own story in our head, and our whole life is about making that story come to life, as much as possible. Here is an edition that is a real, living collection of stories to inspire you to be your best. A dad who left his 2-month-old daughter behind to return as a Superdad, complete with perfectly sculpted shoulders for her. Then, there’s the story of Ishwarsingh Ailsinghani who stood out from a crowd of thousands to achieve his dream body and health. You have no reason to believe that you can’t be who you want to be. All you need is a push, a nudge. Take the plunge. Achieve what you can, be what you want to be. We are always here to back you up with exactly what you have to do. Presenting the first Fitmag issue of 2019. Make your new year resolutions come true this time! Dev Biswas Editor-in-Chief
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