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Mythbuster: Good food vs Bad food.

Fitness Myths
I’ve seen many people classify food into clean and dirty, good and bad etc.

Here's the fact: there is no such thing. Food is food, that's it! The only difference between foods is that some may have a good nutritional value over others. Figure out which foods give you a good nutritional value, and those are best for you to be fit and healthy instead of always having junk food. Some foods can be calorically more dense with very few nutrients (Eg. junk food ) Whereas some other foods can be calorically dense and also have an amazing nutritional value (Eg. Almonds, Peanuts, Walnuts, Oils, etc) This doesn't mean that any particular food is clean, bad or dirty. All the food that you eat should help you meet your daily calorie and macronutrient intake. So choose wisely and fit them in your macros. That's the real key to achieving all your fitness goals. In the end, what matters is structured quantified nutrition along with weight training. If you don't lose weight even after eating clean, what are you going to do? Clean your rice, soya, chicken, and salads with a detergent and then eat? Bottom-line : Don't label foods as good or bad. Understand the nutritional values and fit them in your macros. Get into the habit of checking the nutrition labels which enhances your knowledge about healthy and unhealthy foods. In the end, you cannot control everything in your life, but you can definitely control what you put into your body. So do you check the nutritional values while buying your food?

Vivekk mantri

Hi Omkar, very nice article , it's not only about food we have labeled our life in every aspect and these labels define our entire life. Day we remove these labels we see true meaning .

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