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Myth Busting

Fitness Myths
Myth Busting: If you stop training with weights, the muscle that you have will turn to fat

=============================================== There is a prevailing sentiment that all the hard work that went into developing one's muscles will turn to fat if training is ceased. The fact is, muscle and fat are two separate and distinct properties. Muscle cannot turn to fat and fat cannot be converted into muscle. When a person stops weight training, their muscle will gradually atrophy (get smaller), ultimately returning to pre-exercise levels. Generally, the longer a person has been training, the longer it will take to lose muscle tissue. Unfortunately, many people don't adjust their caloric intake when they cease weight training. Since muscle increases metabolic rate and allows the body to burn more calories, weight training affords you with the ability to consume more calories. When training is discontinued, you must reassess your eating habits and take in fewer calories to account for a slower metabolism. If calories are not reduced, you will ultimately gain weight and give the illusion of having your muscle turn into fat.
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