Balivada Sravan Kumar

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Myth Buster: “Eating eggs affect your heart health”

Fitness Myths
Most of us include eggs in our diet as they are loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals along with fats. The egg white is mostly of protein, water, vitamin B and avidin. Avidin is an anti-nutrient which can hinder the absorption of certain vitamins and this can be destroyed by heating. That is why always cook your egg. The yolk is mostly filled with fats and a little protein. Store-bought eggs are high in omega 6 and low in omega 3. It also contains Choline, which has certain health benefits and has high concentrations of leucine which trigger the MPS.

Coming to the myth, recently we see lot many articles in the newspapers saying that eating eggs will affect your heart health. Do they really affect cardiovascular health? Let’s see what researches shows. The controlled studies conducted in the humans clearly shown that eating eggs did not cause any effects on the health and the research which is circulating all over the media is a self-reported study where the participants in the research reported the eating history by themselves. So, you can add as many eggs as your body can sustain in your diet. References: 1) 2) 3)
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