My Transformation Challenge 12 Journey - How I Got Fit At 42


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An asthma patient, a busy professional, plus living with the limitations imposed by a lockdown: Dr. Rajshree Pandya refused to let these stop her from becoming the First Runner-up of Transformation Challenge 12 - at the age of 42!

Rajshree was an active kid who loved running. She even took part in marathons. Despite being an asthma patient, she refused to let her condition stop her from being active. But as happens with so many of us, college and higher studies happened. Books and classes became her life and everything else took a backseat - including health and fitness. After Rajshree became a wife and mother, her joy knew no bounds. But at the same time, her weight shot up to 90 kgs. With exercise and dieting, she managed to lose weight but she still didn’t feel healthy. When Transformation Challenge 12 was announced, she decided she wanted to get into the best shape of her life. But at the age of 42, was this even possible? This is her amazing transformation story.

Rashmi Vishnoi

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