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My training cues for Bench Press!

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4 points of contact (as shows by the Blue dots)

1. Head 2. Shoulder blades (tucked in and depressed) 3. Glutes (hips) 4. Feet Set-up > Lie down on the bench so that the bar is right over your eyes > Make an arch with lower back > Pull your butt towards your shoulder blades > Plant your feet underneath you as much as possible (feet must be flat) > Grip the bar shoulder width apart Time to take a deep breath! Starting position Un-rack the bar (pull the bar out of the rack, don’t ‘lift’ it) Hold the bar right over your shoulders.
> Bar in line with your elbows, and shoulders Descend > Squeeze your PINKIES (smallest fingers of your hands) and tuck your elbows in as you descend > Bring the bar towards the line of your nipples (mid chest) Get a full Rang of motion for maximum stretch) Pressing (ascend) Time to bring the bar back to the starting position The bar will not move straight up It should move in a slant pathway and get it back up over shoulders > Put all the weight on your upper back. > Push the weight while thinking of driving your UPPER BACK into the bench > Squeeze your GLUTES > DRIVE YOUR FEET INTO THE GROUND (for hip drive) Remember, tuck in your elbows on descend, push elbows out on your way up. Post your videos below for clarifications on your training form and posture. Got a questions? Comment below. Yash Kaushik | Fitness Coach, Fittr
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