My Story Of Courage & Determination | Fittr Spotlight


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An inspiring transformation story that sheds light on the entire journey, life, triumphs and struggles of Fittr Coach Sangeetha Thevar.

As a young girl, Sangeetha was outgoing, but as her weight increased, her positivity was replaced by self-doubt. Listening to negative comments from people became common. Over time, her weight kept on increasing till she tipped the scales at 115kg! She knew she needed to do something but just getting started seemed difficult. After an eye-opening incident, she started looking for answers and found a ray of hope - this fitness community. This is her story from being under-confident to becoming a fitness coach who is now transforming lives. Along the way, all her doubts, stress, depression were replaced by self-confidence and strength. Covering more than just the transformation, the video unravels the experiences and secrets of change. A change that is not about what you get, but about what you become. Hear Fittr Coach Sangeetha Thevar's story, in her own words.

Poonam Bafna

I want to be like u...😊

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