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My Recent Conversation with an Auto rickshaw Driver

Fitness Myths
I wanted to share an incident that took place a couple of weeks ago:

I hailed an autorickshaw and asked the driver if he would take me to my destination Me - xxxx chaloge ? Him - Rs. 200 lagega (It was just 4-5 kms away) Me - 50 me jate hai roj, lockdown hai islie 100 le lena. Usse jyada nahi dunga. After a lot of argument, he agreed. The ride started .. Him - Sir, itna mast body banaye ho, itne ache biceps hai. Aap kya khate ho ? (I knew his next question would be if I take supplements) Me - Normal khana khata hu, ande, chicken, rice, roti, dal and sabzi. Him - Aap wo powder wale dabbe lete ho kya ? Me - Nahi, apne normal ghar me jo jo rehta hai wo kafi ho jata hai. Him - Me bhi khata hu sir, but meri body hi nahi ban rahi. Mujhe laga sirf wo powder khanese body banti hai. Roj gharpe exercise karta hu, but kuch ho nahi raha. Aap sachme batao na sir, hume bhi achi body banani hai. He looked like a pretty well-built guy to me who lifts regularly. Now these are lower middle class people who don't have enough money to buy any expensive supplements. And to be honest, you don't even need any supplements to build a good physique. Yet, I lied to him that I don't take any supplements such as whey. I did that on purpose. There is a huge amount of misinformation prevailing in the community about supplements, which led this poor lad to strongly believe that he could build his physique only if he consumes supplements (In his words - "powder wali baady") And at this time, if I had told him that I consume whey, his belief would only get stronger and he would go home with a very poor and wrong takeaway about fitness. Instead, I told him that I don’t take any supplements. To be honest, that’s not too far from the truth - when I first started out in fitness, I didn’t take any supplements. Most of my initial journey was only about consuming soya and rice unknowingly. And as we know, supplements are just supplementary, we take them only when we are unable to complete our protein needs on a daily basis. But he already had a strong viewpoint about "powder wali baady" and I wanted to break that. So, even after the ride was over, I spent a good 10 to 15 minutes of my time explaining to him about the mistakes he’d been making and educated him on what he needs to do in order to build a great body. I also explained to him about protein, carbs, fats and sleep to an extent that is useful for him and that he could easily implement. What made me take out some time and explain these things to him? 1. His innocence and willingness to learn 2. His potential which hadn’t been realised due to the fact that he’d been misled by myths and wrong information. And yes, I did end up paying him 200 bucks. I just cannot forget how happy he was. I know that at least some of that extra money will be spent on buying healthy foods and continuing his fitness journey.

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