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My Ideal Weight

So many people emphasize on reaching their ideal weights. What is supposed to be your ideal weight and how to find it?

According to some funny humans, Ideal weight is a number on a weighing scale that will make them happier and as mentioned in the books should be that for their respective heights. But is the definition true?? Does something like the ideal weight for a person exist? What if I tell you that there is no ideal weight for a human. Yes, No ideal weight according to your height. No Ideal weight range according to your gender. No Ideal weight according to any XYZ books. If there is no ideal weight than how do you know that you are in your perfect shape and improving on the day to day basis? As somebody has rightly said, “focus on progress, not perfection”. There is no ideal weight or a perfect body. There is always a scope for improvement for everyone. Why do you think that people don't stop working out after some years when they get the body they want? Well, there are many ways by which can tell you that you are making progress: Body Fat Percentage: a healthy body fat percentage for men can range from 13% to 17% and for a woman it can range from 18% to 24%. It can be easily sustainable and easy to reach. Your strength gains in the gym: You have started lifting heavier weights in the gym. Your strength is improving every week. Your overall health: Your mood, sleep pattern, your activeness, etc are getting better that you are adopting fitness as a lifestyle. It's not about losing fat in 12 weeks or 24 weeks. It's about reaching your goal but then improve even after that. Consistency with the diet: Diet if not eating salad in all the meals every day. It means following quantitative nutrition and consuming calories that meets your goal. Adding food in your diet which can help you sustain it is an actual lifestyle change. Better sleep pattern: You have started sleeping on time and getting up on time. You are waking up fresh and having a sound sleep at night. Progress pics: Your double chin is disappearing. Your flabby belly is disappearing. Your body has started looking better in the pictures. Your old clothes: You have again started fitting in your old clothes comfortably. You are getting fitter with the passing days and looking better in the clothes you wear. Keep Improving, Keep Growing.

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