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My Electrolyte Buddies

----------------- My Electrolyte Buddies--------------

Hola Guys! Its that time of the year when you open up your umbrellas for a different purpose altogether, when you would see women on their two wheelers covered themselves from head to toe with clothes and when you would start getting forward messages like “Save Water and keep some for thirsty birds in your balcony or window”. Yes, Its Summer Time! Summers always make me nostalgic and takes me to an era where as a child I used to play all day long in the scorching heat not caring about the soaring temperatures and the tan I would get. That exciting and fun time in our childhood when we enjoyed playing our favorite sport day in and day out and dreamt of becoming a sportsperson someday. But let me tell you, it wasn’t easy ! Playing under the sun for long hours without caring about anything else in the world. Though, I had a bunch of friends who made it easy. So, Let me introduce you all to some of my best friends collectively whom I call the “Electrolytes” especially during this time of the year who used to help me keep going all day long in the scorching heat without any problems like dehydration, muscle cramps, excessive sweating, muscle fatigue, rapid heart rate, fluid retention and lethargy. And if you want to stay away from the all the mentioned problems during summer, I would advise you to befriend my “Electrolytes” gang- 1. (Na+)thuram aka Sodium – One of the most important in the gang. He helped me regulate my hydration levels by indicating my kidney the amount of water that needs to be retained or excreted. In addition to that, he also helped generate the electrical impulses along the nerve cells which carry messages to and from the brain. In short, helping me with muscle function. For example- whenever while playing cricket, I wanted to hit a cover drive, my forearm muscle used to get these electrical impulses from brain because of (Na+)thuram. 2. (Cl-)ara aka Chloride – She was the NRI sister of (Na+)thuram. She helped me balance the pH of my body and along with it helped maintain the water going in and out of the cells. Both (Na+) thuram and (Cl-)ara used to be present outside the cells and used to balance my friendship with my other friends in the “Electrolytes” gang. 3. (K+)arina aka Potassium – She was my childhood sweetheart because she controlled my heartbeats. Confused? Read On.. She was present inside the cells. Along with regulating the water and fluid in the body, she was also important for muscle function including the involuntary muscles like those surrounding the heart, that contract rhythmically to keep it pumping. Now you know, why she was a sweetheart!? :P In absence of her, my stored glycogen levels would also go down, this used to result in fatigue and muscle weakness. (K+)arina was never too much fond of (Na+)thuram and hence she would fight with me whenever I used to hang out more with (Na+)thuram . [ Potassium levels get imbalanced due to excess of sodium ] 4. (Ca++)thy aka Calcium – She helped keep my bones and teeth stronger. Along with that, she was also critical for managing nerve impulses, regulating muscle movements(contractions) and preventing blood clots. She had a hate relationship with my Kidney and whenever she spent more time with me, my kidney caused problems for me. [ Too much of calcium causes kidney stones ] 5. (Mg++) Mukund Godbole aka Magnesium – This guy was a powerhouse. There was not a single thing which (Mg++)Mukund Godbole wont do. I would never go out to play without Mukund Godbole because in absence of him, I would always get muscle cramps and also, my mood used to be low. He was Involved in 300 chemical reactions in the body, vital for cell function , enzyme activity, muscle function, nerve signaling, sleep and regulating mood. (Mg++)Mukund Godbole loved (Ca++)thy. The most positive couple in our gang. In case, Mukund Godbole was not around, Cathy never helped me much. [Without sufficient Magnesium, you cannot absorb Calcium] [Lack of Magnesium also contributes to PMS and Menopause Symptoms] This is how all my friends in the “Electrolytes” gang used to take care of me and help me enjoy my summer holidays. I hope you liked all my friends. If you feel shy and don’t know how to befriend them, you can carry out the below activities. If you do, they would love to be with you and will always help you like your true friends keeping you away from all the negative problems like dehydration, muscle cramps, excessive sweating, muscle fatigue, rapid heart rate, fluid retention and lethargy especially during summers- A. Drink enough Water and keep well hydrated. The best indication for yourself is to check your urine, If your urine is clear or straw colored, you are well hydrated. B. During the workouts, always make sure you carry your water bottle with you and keep sipping small amount of water in between your workouts. C. In case you are on a diet where your total carbohydrate intake is low, you can make use of options like lemon salt water, coconut water or buttermilk. D. Always remember, when you are thirsty, your body is already in a dehydrated mode, so don’t wait till you are thirsty. As they say, “Pyaas lage, uske pehle kuwa khod lo !” E. If you are an athlete, always keep a sports drink which has all the electrolytes in sufficient amounts handy. F. Having good amount of healthy carbohydrates does help in recovering well from the workouts and in turn help you in keeping your potassium and sodium levels in check. G. There is no need to cut down on Salt. Eat Salt “Swaad Anusaar” H. Always make sure, you have a balanced diet and now you know all my friends, you can search for them on the label of the food products you buy. #ReadtheLabel . Make sure you have all of them in sufficient amounts Illustrations by the multitalented Nikita mankar - Thanks for adding Chaar Chaand to this article ! 🤗

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Thats a real good one. Its gonna be easy to remember your friends 😀

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