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Music and workout

Exercise Science
Music and Workout

============================ Whenever we enter the gym there is music playing on, we use headphones to listen to a personal choice of music. In almost in all sports, workouts and recreational activities there is music around but do we really bother about it? Do we really know that it can even impact our performance? Let's try to dig deeper about this. As per the various researches music alters mood, triggers ROM, improves attention and focus, encourages rhythmic movements. It has ergogenic(increases energy) impact that results in improved performance, endurance, power, strength and decreases fatigue.( although these effects are on the very acute scale) It was seen that music lead to an increase in exercise duration with lesser fatigue. Also, it was seen that music leads to a significant increase in heart rate of the performer.But it was also observed that music has a distractive effect when there was self-selected (autoplay) music. Final Conclusion is that music turns up your mood and provide you with a better environment for a workout. so plug-in your earphoReference up the volume and rock your workout Reference -https:/the /www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5435671/ (the Only limitation is this study is done on young adults)
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