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================ [A] Calorie surplus diet Start with a surplus if 50-100 cal above maintenance and then progressively increase it while watching your weight. Big surplus or dirty bulk will make you gain fat along with muscles and later you will need to cur it down. Be wise for whatever you choose ✅ [B] Protein intake Ideal and adequate protein intake would be between 1.5gm/kg bodyweight to 2gm/kg body weight. Example:- If you are someone who weighs 60 kg and want to put on muscle. Your protein intake should be between 100- 120 gm per day . You may consider increasing it further depending on total calorie intake . ✅ [C] Weight training is the key Weight training is most superior and appropriate. Why?? Easy and simple explanation is - “Lifting weight breaks your muscle fibres which later regenerate themselves bigger and stronger “ A continuous and progressive challenge stimulates your muscle growth throughout your training period ✅ These were the three basic and important points you must consider while trying to gain muscle mass. It needs patience and hardwork , with no shortcuts to it 🤝

Ankit Sultania

Just to clarify - does it mean we need to go with TDEE or less to cut fat to get abs and then we can go calorie surplus to bulk up?

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