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______________________________________________ Lately, with the Increasing awareness towards health and fitness, people are getting attracted towards multivitamins and multi-minerals. And why not? Multivitamins seem to be a magic pill which you pop in and boom!! Your daily micronutrient requirement is taken care of. But is that really the case, let's dig into this. Vitamins are organic compounds that are needed in small quantities in the diet. Although vitamins do not directly contribute to the energy supply, they play an important role in energy metabolism and various other processes. Respectively, Minerals in nutrition refers to the dietary constituents essential to life processes. These are also required in very small quantities by the body. According to a study conducted by Metropolis Hospital in 2015, 75 percent of Indians have shown an alarming deficiency in essential vitamins. On top of that, due to the abysmal lack of nutrients in modern food, you may not achieve your optimal range of micro-nutrient even if you are eating mostly whole foods. So investing in multivitamin and multimineral supplement can be your best bet. But some of the multivitamins are absolutely crap, reasons are-: •More is not always better- We always think more is better, but that rule does not apply to multivitamins, people are deceived by the label and involve in over-supplementation, that can be harmful and even interfere in the absorption of other nutrients. It’s better to stick with the RDA recommendations. •Substandard Quality-Many companies use cheap manufacturing methods and contain cheap isoforms, which result in poor bioavailability. Also, sometimes they overdose cheap nutrients that are easy to consume. •Expensive Does not mean ‘High Quality’-Now you must be thinking to buy the branded or expensive multivitamin can be your best bet but that is not the case, even most of the expensive ones contain a huge amount of anti-oxidants that can interfere with the inflammatory signal for the cell repair. So, it’s better to go for a generic one So, the question arises should you really invest in multivitamins? The simple answer is yes, you can invest in vitamins supplement but with due diligence. Either you can do necessary tests and understand the nutrient requirements of your body and how much of these requirements are fulfilling with your diet and if there is some deficiency, then go for vitamins and mineral supplement or you can go for those which values are closer to RDA values. And always buy the generic one because that will not only cost you less but also you will get the same what label says as in India rules and regulations are more stringent for pharmaceutical companies than the so popular supplement companies.

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how to count vit and mineral from deit fittr not have tool like

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