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Mr Sharma religiously follows his Fundamental Right of Binge Eating every day ๐Ÿฅœ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿฉ

How many of you have a habit of munching throughout the day?

Do you also believe that a handful of nuts won't make a difference? Is it mandatory to have biscuits or rusk with tea? Do you often get the craving for sweets and namkeens? Are you a night owl who definitely needs something to eat in the middle of the night? Who doesn't like our National Biscuit of India, "Mr G" with tea? Well for my entire childhood, that was my evening snack. Half glass of tea and a packet of biscuit. Well, I was a kid then and was not following the Quantified diet, so it didn't matter much. But now the story is entirely different, every calorie matters. Let's not talk about a packet but you surely believe that 4-5 pieces in a day won't make much difference, right. At least that's what I have heard from my colleagues, friends and family. Well, it does matter. Your 5 pieces have 110 calories. So those 5 pieces on a daily basis will add up to 770 calories at the end of the week. Now just imagine the difference it has created in your overall calorie intake. How many of you believe that Digestive Biscuits are healthy and its mostly fibre and won't add any extra calories? Well, the most famous digestive biscuits have 496 calories per 100 gms i.e. 5 pieces. Out of 58g carbs, fibre is only 6 gms. Now back-calculate the extra calories that you are eating without giving a second thought. Now let's see the calories our healthy nuts have that we don't bother to count usually (value is given per 10gms; means 6-7 pieces for smaller nuts like almonds, pistachios and 1-2 for bigger nuts like dates, walnuts) Almonds - 57 cals Walnuts - 65 cals Pistachios - 62 cals Cashew nut - 60 cals Dates - 31 cals Peanuts - 56 cals This all seems like a small number but one day, this once in a while binge eating becomes a habit and then obviously it becomes an issue. Obviously nuts are healthy to eat and for that matter, biscuits are also not unhealthy but the major problem is satiety. Taking 100 calories from nuts or biscuits is not an issue if you can include this in your diet but this will not give you any satiety. You will feel hungry for sure and then the cycle of binge eating starts. You can get those 100 calories from 30 gms raw rice as well. Now compare the food item that will give you better satiety. Yes, there are times when you feel hungry and don't have any other option or its a habit to munch something in the evening. Well, there is a solution to every problem, you just need to see what suits you best. 1. You take 6 meals or 3 meals in a day, overall calories remain the same. If you need to eat something throughout the day or need some mandatory evening snacks, divide your food into multiple meals. Adjust some calories around evening time so that you don't binge on biscuits or extra nuts. 2. Fill your plate with low calories high Satiety food. One of the most common example is green vegetables which are high in fibre. Below are the nutritional value of commonly used vegetables (per 100 gms) Cucumber - 8 cals Bell peppers - 36 cals Broccoli - 30 cals Lettuce - 15 cals Spinach - 5 cals Tomato - 20 cals Cauliflower - 25 cals Cabbage - 25 cals Adding these to your regular food will not only add bulk to it but also helps in increasing your fibre intake. So obviously adding more greens is always a smart choice. 3. And well the last option is for Lazy people like me, keep drinking water throughout the day. Increase your intake. The purpose is not to restrict your cravings and your diet options but to control your calorie intake. If you think 2 pieces of chocolate are essential for you, please go ahead and take it but do adjust those calories in your diet. It's so easy and simple to go off the track and enjoy your food but its always difficult and challenging to commit to your results. Chose what you want to be. Every decision matters. Have a safe Workout!! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr

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