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Did you say Motivation ? Here it is for you . It’s simple math you give 101% of efforts you receive better results as compared to giving 99% . So if you follow 90-99% and expect good results chances are you might get disheartened. 1% does make difference because you don’t know what’s working or not working in your body and in life. I found there are loads of people who follow plan for five days and binge over weekends , then there are some who follow almost everything and if someone offers them small amount and say itne se kuch nahi hota kha lo , they fall for it There are some who after measuring for seven days , start assuming for rest of the weeks ki 50 gm rice matlab itna, Other weeks journey goes with assumption There are some who take many types of zero calorie drinks and have it without taking permission from coaches. Yeah Yeah, I know “Zero calorie drink me kya hoga” ya jyada black coffee me kya hoga ... Bhai jarur kuch hoga The purpose of this post is 95% of us follow the plan but out of these 95% , 70% follow upto point . Matlab jo plan me hai utna measure krke khana hai , kuch bhi ho . Baki ke 20-30%do some adla badli and results gets delayed or are slow. Hence, Stick to whatever is given and nail it , puri jindagi to jo khana tha khaye ab 12 weeks expert ki sun lo. Otherday someone posted why don’t anyone post failed transformations . Let me tell you that transformations are never failed , Some loose umpteen kgs and hence it is visible, some loose 1 kg or less but it is not visible . What both of them gets is adaptation to healthier lifestyle and aweomeness in their lives mentally and physically . Other day I received compliment from one of the client that I might not had transformed much physically but my confidence level has increased upto great level. I asked her why don’t you post your journey and encourage people , She did the same and people just saw her photos but forgot what she had written about her mental condition improvement in the post and started bashing her ( by the way she did loose 7kgs then) . Do you think anyone would post their failed journey.. We are an community who wants to uplift people both physically and mentally . Sitting on the other side of the grass you might not be aware that how many lives are saved from this community but I personally do deal with loads of such people who once wanted to suicide but now they are inspiration for many and had become influencers. Let’s spread love , help people and follow everything 101% and then let the results speak to everyone around us. We all are heroes and sheroes , and definitely each one of us are different in one or other form with each other, challenge is to identify that difference and further nurture it to bring best out of us and for our people . Applicable to fitness and life both . Cheers☺️ inagecredits: businessadvice

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