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Motivation is Overrated

How many times you have heard that I don’t have motivation to be fit, I can’t find that motivation, Can someone please motivate me ?

Let me ask you a question you see a guy driving Merc/ BMW / Audi / Ferrari (imagine your favourite car) did you ever get motivated to buy it ?? I can say every time you see someone driving your dream car instead of getting motivated to buy one you start giving yourself excuses why you can’t buy one ! “He must be born with a silver spoon”, “He must be doing some illegal business” , “He must be corrupt” , list goes unending! Similarly when you see a ripped guy walking by instead of getting motivated by him your mind again starts, “He must be doing only this “, “He must be rich and have lots of resources at his disposal “! My point is if you fancy a car , you will never strive to buy it just because you see someone driving it, but if you are riding a two wheeler with your family in a hot humid conditions and you realise that you need a car surely you will find a way to buy it! Lesson ? Till the time Fitness is an aspiration no one can motivate you , the day you make being Fit your necessity, that day you don’t need any motivation from anyone ! #fitnessjourney #beginner #fitnesscoach #workout #fittrcoach #twars #transformation #howtogetfit #motivation #nomotivation


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