Nachiketh Shetty

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Remember that one subject from the school/college days, which you would struggle with so much that by the time you reached the exam hall you just wanted to make it through and get passing grades?

Scoring in the 90s was out of question. You just wanted to make it to 35% and breathe a sigh of relief? And you poured in all your efforts towards mugging up enough to hit the 35% mark? That zone where you just focus on getting through the day, that zone exists in everything you do even outside of studies. You might be someone who's fat and looking for motivation to even start off. Or someone who has tried to exercise and eat right but saw discouraging results and discontinued. This might sound blunt. But with a few things, you just gotta do what you gotta do even if you know it won't be perfect. Even if you aren't really MOTIVATED to do it. Don't wait for that perfect day with the perfect sunshine and the perfect vibes and the perfect potty, to finally tie that shoe lace, to finally say no to Swiggy, to finally sleep on time instead of watching some fuckall Korean series... Put in the efforts like you did for that bitch of a subject in school. Just try to make it through the day. One workout, one meal prep, and one day of sleeping early are all it takes to make it past that one day. Repeat it everyday. It won't feel so hard anymore by the time you've made it past the first month. I promise! Done is better than perfect. Let that sink in! #motivation #dailydose #fit #fat #hardworkingidiot #fatloss #easyisunacceptable #everyday #struggle #grind #transformation

Guntuku Sowmya

I cannot say no to Korean series....I just love them.. I take time to watch them while I do cardio ,this is how I work out for 30mints by slow run without getting tired.. 😁

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