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Exercise Science

It is quite a common and age-old question that arise in our mind. We wonder which will bring maximum benefits among these 2 sessions? Let’s see their individual benefits: Morning session benefits:  Morning session exercise will avoid distractions.  Testosterone level and human growth hormone level is high in the morning to help in fat loss and lean muscle gain when you work out in the morning. Both these hormone level will reduce along the day.  You will sleep better and ready to hit the bed early in the night.  You will boost your metabolism with morning session exercise.  Morning empty stomach exercise helps you in fat loss.  After a morning exercise session, you tend to eat healthy food throughout the day.  Better mood during the day. Starting your day with exercise is on of the best way to start your day. Evening session benefits:  You will notice better energy level during evening session. This is due to the reason you had few meals throughout the day.  More time for your work-out since you do not have the priority to rush your office at 9 am. Working people who has 9-6 shift can spend good quality time in the gym where their early morning session is relatively busier.  Due to activities through out the day, your body is warmed up and joint mobilities have been performed to a certain extent. Hence warm session can be shorter for evening session compared to early morning exercise sessions. According to your lifestyle and daily routine, you will have to decide either morning or evening schedule suits you. Morning exercise suits in following cases: *Person who can hit the gym in empty stomach. *Can not wait after taking pre workout meals. *Person who wakes up early. *A person who wants to spend quality time with family in the evening. Evening exercise suits in following cases: *Person who has to rush early at office and can't dedicate time in the morning. *Students who have morning tution classes and school or colleges to attend. Hence late evening exercise suits them. *Person who works till late night or doing afternoon or evening shifts at work. What is more important is ragular exercise. Choose your time as per your lifestyle and convenience.

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