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Today, fitness is spreading out like a wildfire. Almost every other person that we come across is pledging to be fit. But, how many of them are able to convert that pledge into a lifestyle? Well, not many. Reasons? Not enough time or long working hours or difficult circumstances, to name a few.

Meet Dr. Vaibhav Patni. Burdened with the responsibilities of the family after the demise of his father, his journey can be awe-inspiring for many who cower behind reasons and excuses instead of adopting a healthier lifestyle. Talking about difficulties, he has been bullied and body-shamed as well, as if the troubles weren’t enough. Yet, he fought this fitness battle with zeal and vigor and came out victorious. Read his story in his own words. It will definitely lift your spirits and push you towards a healthier lifestyle. FITMAG: What is the timeline of your journey? When did you start and what triggered it? Vaibhav: I started my transformation journey on 15 December 2017. It wasn’t that I was never fit but because of the sudden demise of my dad, the familial responsibilities took over and I lost track of my health. I had to go through bullying and body shaming but I never bothered about it until my daughter was born. I realized that I could not match her energy. This triggered me to think that it’s now or never. My journey from 106 kg to 86 kg took almost 6 months. FITMAG: How were you motivated throughout your journey despite the challenges you faced? Vaibhav: The transformation stories of other members in the facebook group SQUATS, constant support from my family members and those motivational words from my daughter ‘Papa aap kitne patle ho gaye’, kept me going. My battle was with myself. I knew if I have to be mentally and physically fit, then I might have to sacrifice many things during the course of this journey. I was ready to make those sacrifices. The major challenge that I faced was saying ‘No!’ to the tempting food offered while hanging out with my friends and family. FITMAG: What all changes did you make to your lifestyle? Vaibhav: Well, I gave up on junk food, drinks, and beverages and resorted to clean eating. I included good amount of protein on my diet to avoid muscle loss. The most important thing was consistency with the diet and the exercise. I am happy that I was able to maintain both. FITMAG: What was the most crucial part of the journey? Vaibhav: The crucial part of the journey was when I started to match the energy levels of my daughter. That was the sole reason for which I got into fitness. When I started to see the changes, it motivated me every day to continue with it. This whole thing has made our bond even stronger. Now, we often workout together. FITMAG: Now that you are on course with your transformation, what goals have you set for your future? Vaibhav: Goal setting is important. It makes you realize where you have to reach. But the process, the journey is far more important. You have to fall in love with the process, goals will come by. I am still midway through my transformation and am loving the journey so far. My future goal is to achieve my potential and eventually be ripped and muscular. FITMAG: Did you transform on your own or were you under someone’s guidance? Vaibhav: Well, I hired a mentor and that too a good one. This transformation would not have been possible without the constant support and motivation from Himanshu Rana. I was on LCD throughout the transformation period. My workout regime initially included body weight workouts, and then it shifted to the gym. It mostly included weight/ resistance training with few sessions of HIIT. Vaibhav has come a long way despite it being a real tough journey not just on the physical level but also on mental and emotional levels. We at FITMAG wish him all the best for his future goals. People like him are an inspiration to all of us.
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