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Missed your workout today ?

Life is unpredictable, so missing a workout is not something you should panic about. It can happen to all of us. Often clients think that if they go out for some events or outings and if they miss one or two sessions of workouts in that duration, they won't progress and achieve their goals and due to the same reason I have seen many of them getting off track and losing their focus with their nutrition and training regimes. No. You are not going to gain all your weight back. No. You are not going to lose all your lean muscles. No. It won't disturb your progress. Just like eating one cup of ice-cream is not going to make you fat in the same manner missing one or two sessions of workouts won't hinder your fat loss. In fact, if you have been consistent with your workouts 4-6 days a week for many months, then taking a break might be beneficial for your body. Don'ts : 1. Don't freak out or stress out if you have missed a workout. 2. Don't punish yourself with a low-calorie diet or liquid diets for the next day. 3. Don't lose all your motivation, confidence and focus with what you started your journey. Do's 1. Understand that we all are humans and it's absolutely fine if one of the workout sessions was missed due to any reason. 2. And get back on track with your training schedule the second you return from your regular routine. 3. Make sure you train all muscle groups properly and don't miss out on training a particular muscle group frequently otherwise it might drop your muscle mass for that muscle group. Remember, the real recipe in fitness is being consistent. Cheers! Keep lifting 💪

Vipul Tidke

Thank you for sharing! Insightful read.

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