Abhilash Kishore

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Mindset 💡

Your mindset is what defines you! before you shift yourself to adapt a healthy lifestyle creating a right mindset is what matters the most. In a process of transforming yourself and to sculpt out a healthier version of yourself you have to make sure that your psychological state is on right track. let’s take into consideration some important aspects -

💡Approach - Creating a right approach is the most important part of your journey. Transformation journey is a marathon not a sprint! and you have to maintain that pace to reach your goal, just never look for shortcuts! 💡Realistic - Always set a realistic goal,see what your body needs and can sustain in a long run. If your goal is to lose or gain the weight maintain a setpoint which holds some logic, just don’t live in fantasy! 💡Confidence- Stay confident with who you are. Never create a superificial image of yourself while ending up being distressed.Trust your instinct and stay happy with what you are doing. 💡Patience - Have patience, don’t rush for results, you need to be consistent in order to achieve what you want! Track your performance, point out the mistakes and manipulate accordingly. Always perceive things with logic ! 💡Education - Educating yourself in a process of transformation turns out to be the turning point of your journey. Be open minded and learn as much as you can. Implement startegies with proper guidance and right approach. #fitspo #fattofit #motivation #gym #healthy #fitfam #fitlife #getstrong #health #approach #fitlife
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