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Mental Breakdown!

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The old evil enemy of your progress is a mental breakdown. How many times have you experienced your mind taking over your body! Cravings taking over your strong mindset despite knowing the fact that it will push you off the rail. Now there can be many reasons for your mental breakdown. Some popular reasons are as follows -

1. No change in numbers (weight or measurements) 2. Hunger pangs/ Cravings 3. Constantly thinking about food (Hunger) 4. Unavailability of food items you love 5. The fact that transformations take time 6. Friend/family passing comment on your journey 7. Emotional Eating disorder (EED, Anxiety, Depression) 8. Hormonal imbalances What happens once this evil enemy takes over your mind? Well, what happened when the Indian government decided to open all the liquor stores during a lockdown? Exactly! There’s a high probability that you’ll end up binge eating foods that you know should not be eaten in high quantities. This is also known as emotional eating disorder and stress eating disorder. How to deal with it? Living a stress-free life in today’s world is impossible. BUT, you can definitely work on it to reduce the impact. Here are a few things that can help you deal with it. 1. Set the right expectations 2. Be ready for the worst (brace for impact before it hits you) 3. Avoid drugs (alcohol, caffeine, or if you are into any other hippie substances) 4. Get regular sleep (sleep is the medicine, use it) 5. Structure everything (get ready with your arms and ammunition before going to war) 6. Talk to your accountability partner (communicate with your best friend, mom, professional, or anyone who cares) Sweat over the changes, lose focus, and repeat later. Or, Enjoy the process, adapt, and make it a part of your life. Choice is yours! Cheers.

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