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Hot flushes, mood swings and weight gain are some symptoms a woman undergoing menopause. Here are some tips on how to handle menopause. Permanent cessation of menstruation in women is called menopause. It marks the end of a woman’s fertility. SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF MENOPAUSE Night sweats, hot flushes, mood fluctuations, disturbed sleep urinary problems, depression, obesity, hair loss, breast shrinkage COMPLICATIONS OF MENOPAUSE * Cardiovascular disease due to drop in estrogen level * Osteoporosis * Urinary Incontinence * Breast cancer TREATMENT * Hormonal Replacement Therapy * Counselling * Diet and Exercise NUTRITION AND WORKOUT GUIDELINES 1 Water - Drinking adequate water reduces bloating due to hormonal imbalance 2. Calcium - Loss of estrogen can speed up bone loss, include curd and milk in your diet 3. Fruits and Vegetables - To help you feel fuller and minimize weight gain 4. Whole grains - To boost energy, manage stress and keep your digestive system healthy 5. Flax seeds - Omega 3 fatty acids keep your heart healthy 6. Low carb diet - Helps overcome symptoms of menopause 7. Exercise - Physical activities like walking, resistance training and yoga to keep you stress free #squats #squatsexperts #squatsdotin #healthyeating #womenshealth #healthylifestyle #nutritiontips #fitnesstips #healthtips #squatsforher #squatsconsultant #fitlife #fittr #fittrforher

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