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Meditation is Super Easy

 Before aligining the mind, body and soul, first one has to straighten their mind out.”

– Stephen Richards, Author and Film Director.   Nothing could be truer. The mind is the source of all that was, is and will be. It is the very first root from which springs the shrub of thought which grows to become the tree of expression and action. Unfortunately, the mind can be unruly, wild and, sometimes, completely out of our control. For centuries, meditation has served as an effective tool towards calming and training the mind, not unlike what strong roots do when the tree is faced with terrible storms. A discussion on the benefits of meditation is not new and it is fairly common knowledge that several benefits are associated with the practice such as stress reduction, lower anxiety, improved memory, stable heart rate and breathing. However, a goal is only as achievable as the approach we take towards it and meditation is no different. There are several methods in practice such as Concentration Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation and even movement based meditation such as Tai Chi and Qigong. Usually the most recommended way to start is to relax in a seated position and breathe in a controlled manner for a few minutes, being mindful of one’s body through the process. To simplify your practice of meditation even further, here are some tips you can try. Remember it’s not a race against your mind; give yourself the time you need to become better.   Start off small Choose a quiet location where you will not be disturbed and get started with a target of only 2-3 minutes. This might seem too easy but in time, keep increasing the duration to challenge yourself.   Track your breathing  Focus your attention to your breathing feeling the air pass through your nose and moving down to fill your lungs. Count one as you breathe in and out once, and initially keep the number of breaths to ten.     Be mindful of your body Remember, the mind and body cannot be separated. As you meditate observe how you are feeling physically, trying to identify aspects like strength and fatigue in different parts of the body.     Schedule your practice   There’s a good reason why it’s called practice. Meditation must be performed every day. Set aside a particular time of the day when you can be alone and undisturbed and stick to this time specifically as you meditate.   Return and reset It is absolutely acceptable, even expected, to have your mind wander as you meditate. Whenever you realize this is happening, simply take a deep breath and start again. You WILL get better at it with practice.     Don’t be a perfectionist Don’t get too caught up with the finer details. Yes there are much deeper levels to meditation, but it is far more important to get into the habit of simply doing it every day.   Always end with a smile Make sure you express gratitude for your session by smiling at the end of each practice. Be thankful and happy that you were able to stick to your commitment of meditating and that you spent quality time with yourself.   There you go folks, try these simple tips, one or a few every day and live the endless peace and joy that are waiting to be discovered within you.   Author credits – Rupesh Choudhury
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