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Meal Prepping for Beginners


MEAL prep can be overwhelming but planning and prioritising your nutrition can make a world of a difference to your life during a busy work week! . Here’s how you can do it every week. 1️⃣Plan your menu end of the week for coming week in advance. Plan as per your diet plan or to ensure all meals are balanced and have a good amount of protein and veggies while also having some variety. Also try to plan as per what you already have in the kitchen. . 2️⃣Make a grocery list based on the menu so you are not spending unnecessarily on things not needed and also have everything handy. . 3️⃣Divide and make a list of things that need full cooking, a list of what will just need to semi prep and what needs soaking, marinating etc. . 4️⃣ On the weekend or a day off prepare your ingredients for a couple of dishes at a time and try to double up use of the pots for two dishes. While dishes are cooking, start prepping for next couple of dishes. Give yourself a few hours on this day in the kitchen, because this will save you a LOT of time on the other days. . 5️⃣ Clean up as you go, portion your meals in containers as per quantities or days as you like. Food is ready and you can be stress free during the week!
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