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Author: Dhishant ABROL

Meal prepping is a short term for “meal preparation”- the act of planning and preparing your meals. It is a proven fact that only those who are able to prepare their meals consistently are able to follow a structured diet plan properly, and are able to sustain and achieve their milestones in the never-ending path of fitness. Whether it be a real-life incident like setting up a business or repairing a damaged car in the garage, the first thing is to understand your goal. Taking this example of car repair, the goal could be written out as – ‘to repair/transform the car which is in a bad condition, say X state, to a good condition, say Y.’ More simply put, ‘X to Y.’ That brings us to another parameter, which figures in the question, “In how much time?” So the equation now becomes “X to Y by when?” To bring down the magnitude of this “when,” meal prepping becomes increasingly important, especially in our modern day lives. Not preparing your meal can lead to making sudden decisions that you would eventually regret. The practice of preparing your meal and packing it according to your structured diet, would not only allow you to stick to your goals and allow you to time your meals (nutrient timing is another well-known topic among fitness enthusiasts) but also would make you a more efficient cook (additional benefit!) Some useful tips for meal preparation: Keep a Close eye on your macro values – This is one of the the factors that plays an important role in your diet and meal prepping can help you do this well. It clearly helps you to keep track of what and how much you eat; it will make managing your diet much easier for you. As it’s a science of calories in vs calories burnt, meal preparation helps you to modulate your diet while still maintaining precision. Keep looking for different recipes to avoid monotony, but within your macros – Try to find interesting recipes from food blogs, or play around and invent different recipes using your own creativity. By doing this, you would be able to make different kinds of meals with the same ingredients. This is guaranteed to bring variety in your meals, which will definitely help you stick to your diet program for a much longer while. Healthy eating seems like it should be everyone’s first priority, but usually other things in life get a place first. This technique of meal preparation allows you to make health and nutrition a priority in your life, while prioritizing other things that matter. Keep experimenting and keep moving forward. Author Credits – Dhishant Abrol

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