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Maximum Utilisation of your time in the gym

Exercise Science
Maximum utilization of your time in the gym

===================================== Unknowingly often times we waste time in the gym which itself is limited, we should fully optimize the time at the gym and not waste it. how can you do that - 1. Plan first -I have seen people coming to the gym without any plan and start off the exercises randomly seeing other people. Don't do this, you should have a clear plan of what you need to do in the gym even before entering the gym. 2. Texting in between sets - Now this is the thing, you have some time in your hands why not reply to a text or scroll facebook/Instagram but you what unknowingly you will spend a lot of time and might miss out on some exercises. 3. Best use of a smartphone - Use your smartphone for tracking workouts ( you can do that on the fittr app also ) and recording your workout videos, not anything else. 4. Empty gym - if you have an option of going to the gym at the time when its less occupied then prefer those timings as you will not have to wait for machine/equipment 5. Don't try to copy - some people might get influence with some fancy exercises they saw online or even some random guy doing and waste a lot of time in performing that rather focus on your workout routine and get better at it.
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