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Stop telling yourself that you want to lose weight. I know you have been telling this to yourself and failing every time. You know all the science. You know energy balance. You know the calories in and calories out concept but still you are failing, right? You know why you are failing and how can you succeed? I will break it down for you.

You didn’t try to get fat. You didn’t say I want to gain fat. You never thought I want to go out of shape or become unhealthy. This happened over a period of time eventually. It happened because there were certain things that you were doing wrong unknowingly. But how can you fix them? The first step towards any change is acknowledgment. Acknowledge that there is problem. The problem is your lack of care towards what you are eating and what you are doing entire day. You are not mindful about your activity levels and the food intake. So, now start noticing what you are doing everyday. Make a log of what you eat and what you do. This way you will know what are you doing wrong. If you are not losing weight even when you think you are in a deficit then you can go back to your log and make changes in portion sizes. If you are not that active, you will have that accountability at the end of the week that you are not doing justice to your goals. You are not going to be motivated enough everyday to chase your goals. Some days you will feel like you will slay your goals and somedays you will feel like you can’t do it anymore. If this is happening with you, believe me, it’s completely fine. It’s natural and happens with everyone. But how do you tackle it? For that, you build habits. Habits are any day superior to motivation. Nobody motivates you to take a bath everyday. You do it because you know if you don’t take a bath, you will have other issues. Same goes with your body. Initially it’s hard to develop habits, that’s the reason we stick to status quo. If You try to achieve your fitness goals definitely you are going to fail because you know things don’t work that way. What you need to do is, start slow. If you can’t do 50 push-ups start with 5. If you can’t drink 5 ltrs of water, start drinking 3 and slowly add some extra glasses. This is how you develop habits and grow. Remember Dasrath Manjhi from Manjhi Movie? he broke the entire mountain alone and you know why? Because he was consistent and consistency comes with developing habits. So build habits and go break your own mountains. The view after that mountain is waiting for you. Cheers!

Sonali Babbar

very well written sir....

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