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Mastering the process and detaching from results.

“It’s going to be one of those posts where I am going to state the most obvious things that you have read or heard all your life. So, you can choose to be sceptical/cynical about it, or you can treat it as a worthy reminder to choose the right path.”

_ Insecure yet audacious free advice. After spending a few years as a coach, I have come to realize that there is one dominant reason that prevents people from achieving their fitness goals. And, that is ‘too much attachment’ with the result. Don’t get me wrong, being focused on the outcome and being attached to it, are two different things. Focus helps you stay on the path. It’s merely a reminder of why you started. Whereas attachment often leads to disappointments if the process does not meet the result really soon. Forget fitness, and pick anything in life, if you are too attached with the outcome of anything that you want to pursue, it proves to be wrong. The results might come slow & then you are most likely to raise the white flag and quit or move on to something else. And this whole starting off with things goes to waste.  And this is no blame game going on here. In this age of instant gratification, all of us are bound to be like this. There is this whole pressure of achieving what the other guy has, right?  That’s why there are certain truths that you need to keep in mind, to start being more process-oriented. 1. Any ‘goal’ needs a process. Try committing to it. – Any goal requires a specific set of skills that you NEED to learn and master. You see Messi or Ronaldo rocking the world with their abilities, that took years to make them an overnight success. You might not see those years of practice, but you see the glory attached to the end outcome. Your fitness is also about that. It’s not about transforming in 12 weeks or 24 weeks & then posting a picture here. It’s a time frame you need to cultivate & practice a habit that can inspire you and others around you. 2. Failing is a part of learning. – There is no better teacher than a failure. If you fail to keep up with your dietary commitments on a day, then you get to know how you can get back to it the next day. You come to find more about nutrition and calorie counting. You come to know about maintaining the diet even when you are travelling. You get to know what food items to prioritize and how to include a bit of activity in every situation. These are the silver linings in case you think you failed with your diet. These learnings will make you more aware so that you can stick to the process and go the distance. 3. The desire to overcome setbacks can feel better than the actual outcome. – Try attaching greater glory to conquering the setbacks you face while pursuing something. You will be surprised by the fulfilment you feel. The feeling of accomplishment will linger better than achieving 2-second fame for the final result. You will grow as a person. Gear up for a particular day, a specific moment when you are pitted against your own excuses. Try winning these small battles. Keep at it. You will see, the overall victory will be the compounded effect of all these minor victories. 4. Give it time and try to seek joy in the process. – You know why people who once complained that they’re unable to start lifting are now upset because the gyms are closed due to this ‘corona’ virus pandemic? Because it was never about achieving something & stopping. It’s because they fell in love with the process. And they want to build on it. By the way, guys, keep on working out at home. Resistance band, dumbbells, running is on the cards for now.    Special thanks to all the consultants for posting good home workout routines and keeping the momentum going for the people.   When you shift your attachment away from the result & commit to the process, it’s only a matter of time when results cease to hold that much importance to you. Because it WILL come around sooner or later. You will find the security of ‘doing it right’ in your mind, and that’s all we are trying to achieve anyway.   For all the sceptics/cynics- I know it’s easy to advise the right thing when it’s not my life. But again, people only suggest about things that they want to say to themselves. That’s what I am trying to do here. 🙂✌️ Have a great day fellas!

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