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Managing time constraints!

Time! Well, we all can unite and say, ‘we don't have enough'. But we have to be subjective here- ‘how much time is enough and for what?' A housewife has all the time in the world to carry out the daily household chores (because hey, that's a ‘duty'🤔). But she hardly has any time for herself. A college guy has all the time in the world for fun, but barely has time for some real-life changing things. A guy in the office can put in extra hours, if an offshore' opportunity is in the pipeline, but will choose to skip his gym routine because that doesn't fit into the schedule. Trust me, I have been all of these (except the housewife part🤭🙂).

I have always had the time, but not for things which could actually prove useful. In my 2 years of consultancy, I have come across a lot of people who sign up for fitness, and they are really struggling with making time for it. To all those, I just want to ask a few questions. ‘You exist, right? So, how come you don't have time for yourself?'. ‘What is this life-altering thing you are doing which has to come at the expense of your own health?'. ‘What makes you think that health does not deserve to be on your priority list along with that pending promotion?' I loved one quote from one of the Batman movies where Alfred said to Bruce Wayne, ‘It's high time we stop trying to outsmart the truth and just let it have its day!' The truth is, we do have time for everything we like. Hell, we want wasting time, and we have time for that. I have seen people running off to the gym at 3 am in the morning just because they have a night shift. I have seen people carry tiffin boxes to movie theatres so that they don't get off the track. And I have also seen people at home giving up in 4 days. All they had to do was to measure food and be active for an hour in the day. I am not asking you to be either of these. Extremes never last. But I am sure you can take out some time for your well-being. Here are a few tips which can really help you with making time for your fitness journey. They helped me for sure. • Write about ‘why'- Why are you starting with your fitness journey? Write it. Make it as elaborate as possible. When you feel like giving up on it, it will push you to prioritize it. • When you wake up, don't check your phone. Instead, sit in silence for 10 minutes and be grateful for everything you have, including ‘time', for the things that you want to do. • Prepare a ‘to-do list' and write ‘Nutrition and workout' at the top. Put a tick mark against them at the end of the day (after completing them). Do this every day. In a month you will have a stack of such notes making you realize that you did it. • 6 hours out of 168 hours in a week- It's totally manageable for your workouts. Being active is a way of life. Only ‘dead' are stagnant. Remember that! • Same goes for the diet. 1 hour every day, for your meal prep, is not too much. Make time for it, with a ‘No-nonsense' approach. • Categorize things into classes like -urgent, important, not too important and act on them accordingly. • IT's OK to say NO. Say ‘No' to things or events which you don't really want to be a part of. Trust me, the world will do just fine even if you prioritize things of your own. • Most importantly, remember the fact that this body is a tool to experience this life. You have to celebrate it. You have to make time for it. You read all those quotes about loving yourself, right? Well, taking care of your health is a significant part of loving yourself. Point is, ‘making time for your well-being' should be your priority. Above everything else. Everything else can wait - Your daily chores, that employee of the year award & all the trivial things that you can think of. But YOU deserve your own time. It's high time, you let ‘this truth' have its day!🤗


Sir It is easier said than done. Find this schedule and let me know where to put in exercise Waking - 6:00am Food for office - 6 to 7 getting ready for offc - 7 to 7:30 travelling to office - 7:30 to 9 having breakfast at 10 , lunch at 2 in office - 9 to 7 travelling back home - 7 to 9 making 4r all dinner - 9 to 10 eating dinner - 10 to 10:30 getting kids and working 4r office next day - 10:30 to 12 sleep 12 to 6 now where is time to exercise. should we forgo sleep.

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