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Managing Monetary constraints to prioritise fitness.

Exercise Science
Money! It has always been a concern for everyone. More we have it, more we find ways to spend it. There is nothing wrong with it. But more often we spend it on something we don't actually ‘NEED'. Like when I was in college, my allowance was around 6-7 k, and it always felt short for things that I actually needed. Like some critical course/certification, or stationary or anything that would actually help me in any way. Instead, I spent it on parties and clothes. I don't regret that, but I could have used it for my health and educational benefits. When I entered a job, I earned enough to survive and buy stupid things in the name of fulfilling my wish lists. Like I mentioned, I never had money for essential things like ‘fitness' (which I always wanted to pursue). The starting few months were about gifting items to my relatives as I wanted to prove my worth to them. Then it became about the mentality that now I have started earning, a bit of indulgence is justified. And the negligence continued. The excuses for not pursuing fitness remained the same.

The result: • Spent money without thinking twice • Having a good time, every time seemed necessary • Health never became a priority • Gym membership seemed expensive but offers on shopping sites seemed alluring • Credit cards were never used for protein but for EMIs of unnecessary things Of course, in hindsight, it all seems stupid. And I am sure that the same is going to happen to you. So, here's a few things that you can apply to remove this excuse from your bucket for not making health a priority. • Money is a tool for freedom (the freedom to make choices), but your body is a tool for experiencing this world. Trust me, no amount of money is going to make you feel better if you are sick or not healthy enough to enjoy its perks. • Prioritize your health for a change. Spend a bit less on smoking & drinking. A cigarette costs 17 bucks nowadays. A 330 ml beer costs 250 bucks in a restaurant. Imagine how much you can save in a month if you limit these expenses. • Gym membership seems affordable now, eh? • If you fall sick and visit a hospital, they are going to charge you a bomb. It's better if you spent on your fitness first. • One significant fact – DIETING IS NOT EXPENSIVE. You do not have to eat exquisite items like avocado or colorful veggies. It is all about measuring your staple food items and dividing protein, fat, carb & multivitamins. Lentils, soya, paneer, chicken, eggs, rice- I am sure that all you working-class guys can afford these. You monthly ration won't exceed the existing budget. Trust me! THINK OF ALL THE MONEY YOU SAVE FROM NOT EATING OUT. Besides, cooking your own food is so therapeutic. • Use the internet. In this digital age, every information is out there. Read about nutrition and exercises FROM CREDIBLE SOURCES (‘Get shredded' is a good start). It's not all equations and formulas. It is effortless to understand. Be self-dependent. You can do it by yourself. • If the gym is too expensive for you, buy a resistance band (will cost you 400 bucks) and workout with it at home. See the moral of the story is that if you can put your mind to it, you will do it. Money can never be an obstacle in your way of a healthy life. In fact, it's much better to use it for your advantage. SO, GO AHEAD. I AM SURE YOU ALL HAVE THE STRENGTH TO USE IT FOR YOUR ‘ACTUAL NEEDS'.

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