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Making it sustainable?

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One of the biggest questions when it comes to nutrition and training is how to make things sustainable. Which ratio to choose for macro distribution, whether to follow a high carb high protein or high fat and low carb kind of diet; training 4 days a week or following a split of 3, pause 3 a week! This can go along with a flow of such doubts. To answer this, you cannot sustain something unless you really enjoy doing it, period, as simple as that!

However, the how part still remains there. So, to keep it simple and straight, let’s quickly check out few cues that one could consider while starting any regime. • Whats my goal, will it contribute in accomplishing my goal?- One very important point is setting up a goal (realistic enough). The first thought of getting into a restricted diet and training plan would have been inspired by the state of discomfort with oneself, be it the number on the scale, how you fit with your clothes or improving the performance in your sport. The state of coming out of the comfort zone helps you move ahead with the right frame of mind. • How can you really align the changes with your regular routine? -Too many changes do not always serve the purpose. Identify the key areas with your habits and interests, which need an immediate work around. Eg: If I am a person who likes eating out every other day, the first thing that I am going to change about myself is to make better choices, being mindful and not hogging on every other food that I see around. Learning to suffice the hunger is more important than just satisfying the taste buds. Similarly, if I am fond of carbs and like frequent eating, I would definitely not go for any diet which has very less carbs in the first place. • Choosing the frequency of training- Again, there is no point in choosing to workout all 7 days a week just coz you are following a program and then give it up completely after that. When you are about to begin a training routine, don’t come up with the ideology to eliminate it completely post reaching your desired fitness goals. Ask yourself does your schedule really allow you to train those many number of days a week, or would you be really consistent enough to the gym throughout or training at home sounds like a more feasible option. Be honest with yourself and make wise choices. • Knowing yourself- We all are aware of ourselves than anybody else. So, make sure to set goals and timelines accordingly. If you like being flexible with plans, then you need to understand that flexibility comes with certain compromises and adjustments as well. Though, it’s nothing bad at all in being flexible as long as it helps improve your adherence. One needs to find his/ her own pace in the process. • Creating the psychological balance- So, we all have heard the line - It’s all in the mind, in most cases rightly so and which we all keep struggling with to get to the right mindset. Avoiding the feelings of guilt, comparisons, over expectations will only help us gain all good than bad. PS: There could be many more of such cues which could be taken into account (you can post them in the comments section and we can have a discussion out of it). Remember that it’s those small things that matter the most and help make it sustainable and noteworthy, look for those. Note- You can check for below articles to get a better insight of the ideas to develop good habits that can help reach the fitness goals. "Acquiring a habit with a flow" "Tips to stop weekend weight gain"
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