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Love Fitness & Health - How We Became A Stronger Couple

College Sweethearts, Life Partners and now, Fittr Coaches - this is Ritika Agarwal & Vishnu Mohan's journey

After meeting in 2010 while still in college, Ritika and Vishnu knew they’d met someone special. Friendship blossomed into love and after an 8 year courtship, they became husband and wife. They also had something else in common: their weight issues! Vishnu was a skinny lad who just couldn’t bulk up while Ritika was a foodie who was always trying to lose those extra pounds. Migraines and other health issues also plagued her but there was no solution in sight. One day, Vishnu came across an article about a fitness community that promoted a scientific approach to fitness. Little did they know that their lives were about to transform.

Pradeep Parvate

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