Sanket Shevkar

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Losing your mind over diet food?

Fitness Myths
When someone says they're following a diet, do you picture them eating things like salads, fruits, cutting out carbs completely, drinking just green tea or doing extensive fasting? Then you should swipe left on the images.

Diet food is not something special or bland tasteless food. You can include your everyday food items into your diet by quantifying them. Things like rice, roti need not be removed completely. You can still enjoy your tea by including milk in the macros. No particular food item in isolation will help you lose or gain weight. If your overall calories are more than maintenance calories, you will gain weight or vice versa. P.S. Having salads, fruits or green tea is not bad. But if you're only having those and ignoring your overall macros, then your progress will not be as per expectations.

Neha Ahuja

The post indicates that ine should weigh the food everytime, its too tedious and not always possible. Making healthy eating shouldn’t always be about that, and should be mindful eating

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