Nimish Patil

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Lose fat in a way that you can sustain it for long!

Fitness Myths
I win this argument all the time mainly because I have had an experience of fighting the same fight with over 750 clients.

. Like everyone else, even they end up seeing a few people posting their 1 week or 2 week progress where they’ll say that they lost a lot of weight in such a short period and all that they did was cut down on rice, roti, milk…basically all carbs. They followed a ketogenic diet. . But one simple question changes the game and that is,” Can you eat like this for the rest of your life?” The answer almost always is a big ‘no’. And diet has to be approached in that way. Diet is not a crash course. It is something that needs to be followed for the rest of your lives. Not to lose weight or gain muscles, those things will come to you as a byproduct, but so that you live a long healthy life without any health issues. How does a long life without any health issues or diseases with lower body fat percentage and higher muscle mass look like to you? Great, right? Yeah, you’ll achieve that only if you can follow something that's sustainable and more often than not, it's never going to be a shortcut.

Prasad Bambale

Agreed, long term sustainable fat loss should be looked at

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